Important information for anyone hiring work done on their property –

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT CONRETEWe believe you should know about how Texas law may affect anyone hiring work done on their property.  Please note that contractors and laborers often charge materials to a credit account that must be paid, in most cases, within 30 days. Even if you pay your contractor, if that person doesn’t pay for the materials used, the supplier may put a lien on your property until the debt is paid.  In many cases, this means the owner of the property might have to pay for the material twice.

If the situation reaches this point, the contractor hired to work on your property is most likely long gone (with your money in hand) leaving the property owner and supplier to figure things out.  Please keep in mind that these rules apply to all material suppliers, not just the concrete company.  It may be lumber used in the project, tile, shingles, etc.

You can help safeguard yourself and your property against any liens or judgments.

  1. Pay for all the materials and supplies yourself as you get them, thus ensuring all accounts are satisfied.
  2. Require all people/ companies you hire to provide you with lien waivers (full or partial), signed by the suppliers, before you make full or partial payment to them.
  3. Most importantly, hire only reputable, qualified people with good histories and references to perform work on your property.

We’re sharing this information in an effort to reduce the chance of unpleasant surprises you may encounter when you have a building project underway.  It feels horrible to us to have to contact someone regarding an unpaid bill, and inform them that we must collect, even though we know they have paid the contractor.  At this point, we have exhausted all other collection techniques.  The contractor normally knows they have not paid the bill, and also knows that the supplier will eventually contact the property owner for payment.  So please, protect yourself.


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